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Customer's Comments

Often parents demand the highest standards when they select a babysitter/nanny or other child care service. We strive to ensure that our employees have a pleasant personality, are well trained and are always attentive to details and the wishes of parents. We expect our nannies to have a positive mindset, a suitable educational background and training. If requested, they at least have fair English language skills. We know how sensitive children can be - especially when their parents are temporarily absent. We ensure 100% attention to children's needs while respecting the wishes of parents with regards to daily routines and nutrition.

As follows please find comments given by satisfied customers from many countries who have bookded our services since 1997:

Davidson Family from New Zealand : Emily Davidson, 16 months

I need a professional nursery that selects the right person to take care of my baby. Now that I found just the right one and I am happy to see that Emily has been looked after well. In addition, Kids Home's baby sitter can speak English and she shows me that she is capable of calling and informing me if anything happens when I'm not home. She can follow all the instructions I've given her and I note that Emily is happy and relaxed when I arrive home.

Meredith & Brett Davis : Taye Davis, 10 months

I use Kids Home service through my friend's suggestion. I need someone as part time baby sitter and Kids Home can do that for me. Their baby sitter provides good service and she really takes good care of my son.  I must admit that they are professional and I like that. I also need someone who is flexible because my schedules change all the time. Kids Home can fulfill my needs.

Charlotte & Darren Conole : Verona Conole, 14 months

I opted for Kids Home service because I found them from an international magazine. I like their service because I can get a part-time nanny that can adapt to my flexible appointments and schedules as well as attend during the evening. I can also get the same baby sitter to take care of my daughter and that's really important.  said Charlotte.

I used Kids Home service for 9 months already and I have picked 4 baby sitters from them. They try to send me the same person but sometimes it's just not possible. I found that all baby sitters have been wonderful and never create any problems, so I don't have to worry about anything as Verona enjoys playing and staying with all of them,  Mrs.Charlotte added