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Company Philosophy Statement

We believe that the family is the core and most important part of our society. In recent years family members have less and less time for each other and parents are often too busy to cope with all their parenting responsibilities. Even though the prime responsibility of taking care of every new family member is collective, the life of a baby is often shaped mostly by the mother. She must ensure that the child learns many things so that one day it too can take care of offspring.

The objective is to create an environment that allows the individual to grow up to be a strong and valuable member of society. This is a very important responsibility. Many families today have both parents working, and the mother is hard pressed to carry the responsibility alone. Even as a housewife the mother has much daily work to attend to: from taking care of the household to making sure that the husband and the children can develop and live harmoniously.

For some this is often very difficult and places much stress on the mother, especially if no one else can help her out. If all responsibility of taking care of the children remains on the mother she may not always cope perfectly.The role of child care is in greater demand and for some families becomes indispensible. Our company has a mission to provide not only baby-sitting services and maid services, but we also provide training to new mothers and mothers to be.

We specialise in providing child care and all of our staff are trained according to both traditional and modern methods. We spend much care to screen potential nannies so that we select only the most suitable individuals who are committed and can step-in for the mother when needed.

We take pride in securing the services of the very best nannies that are certified and selected to provide an impeccable service at good value for our customers.Our company policy is to select and then train qualified personnel that possess much more than basic knowledge.

We believe that nannies must assure that every customer gets only the best care for their child. We are concerned not only with the physical and mental intelligence growth but lay emphasis on developing emotional and moral values that will allow the child to live a quality life and thus secure the health of our society.

Privacy Statement

All personal information needed for your order will be stored in the client database of Thai Kids Home Ltd., Thailand.Our company and staff respect the privacy of all clients and users of our web sites. All personal information provided is treated with confidentiality. We will use your information to ensure that data handling runs more efficiently and will not sell your data.We will not supply your personal details to third parties and it will be exclusively available only to third parties which are involved in the implementation of your order.

Privacy & Internet

The IP address of your computer will be automatically checked and recognized each time you visit our web platforms. This information will not be stored as individual personal data and will only be used for analyzing web-shop statistics like navigation, pages visited and products viewed, etc. for the improvement of our services, web-shop and marketing activities.Thai Kids Home also uses cookies to recognize you during your next visit. Cookies are small bits of information stored by your browser on your computer. Cookies enable us to collect information on the use of our services, to improve our services and adapt to the wishes of our visitors. Our cookies give information concerning personal identification. This also enables us to prevent asking and providing you repeatedly with the same information. You can configure your browser so that you will no longer receive cookies during browsing on the internet.


We appreciate the confidence which you put in us and in return we will handle your data with the utmost care. When you book with us your data will be treated with care and with up-to-date security technology. Your data will be protected at all times and will be treated as confidential. The order and payment section of this webshop is located in a secured area, which can be recognized by the https:// in your address bar as well as a key lock or key icon either at the bottom of your browser or also in your address bar. You can view our official security certificate by clicking on that icon. For questions concerning our privacy statement or our general conditions, please contact us.