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Questions and Answers

Question and Answers

Who is the person who does the babysitting?

What have nannies been trained in?

How long is the course that your nannies need to complete?

Course length is either 210 hours or 420 hours of theory and practical work in a professionally established day care centre (including nursery).

How much do you charge for the services?

The basic rate is 200 Baht per hour for one child (with a minimum booking of 4 hours). It is the rate for a professionally trained and English speaking nanny.

How to book the services and how early in advance do you recommend to book?

Call or e-mail us, we prefer one day before the services. See also our online booking page.

In case of urgency, is it possible to send someone immediately/at short notice?

Based on our experiences we can provide services in and around the Sukhumvit area for Bangkok within one hour, but we kindly ask customers not to book at the last minute. In Samui and Phuket we usually need at least 24 hours notice.

What is the service time and what are the office hours?

What is the minimal age of children you accept?

From newborns.

Can a customer book one nanny to take care of more than one child?

It is possible to have one nanny to mind two children, but we charge an extra fee of additional 100 Baht per hour. For more than 2 children we prefer to supply an additional nanny to ensure maximum safety standards.

If a customer needs service for more than one day, will the nanny be the same person?

Normally we try to provide the same person, but sometime it is not possible. We will communicate with each other, if we need to change a nanny.

What is the services area? Is that possible to have the nanny accompany the customer when travelling?

We are prepared to provide our services in Bangkok, Samui and Phuket and our nannies usually do not object to travelling. Costs are born by the customer and a surcharge may be applied. Distance of the customer to our offices may also result in additional transport costs.