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Nursery Franchise

As there is a growing demand for child care which often outstrips its supply, we are prepared to work with persons who love kids and who want to open their own nurseries which are to fulfill the highest standards. We will help you to gain experiences and provide training for your staff.

Our team can work together with you to offer quality nursery services in your home area. Please contact us if you want to know some more details (email: info@thaikidshome.com)

Minimal requirements to establish a Kid's Home Nursery franchise (owner / director)

  1. Education: at least Bachelor's degree; completed nurse/medical training can substitute for nanny training course.
  2. Experience with own children.
  3. Suitable indoor space (at least 100 square meters)
  4. Equipment and suitable furniture (we can advise/consult on decorations/fittings/security arrangements).
  5. Follow standards as stipulated in "Childcare professional Handbook" (Bangkok, 2006).

Qualifications for a Nursery Manager

  1. High school education and a minimal of 5 years experience in child care.
  2. One month training course from the Thai nannies school.

Qualifications for Nannies

  1. Junior high school followed by special on the job and 1 month formal training (from the Thai nannies school )
  2. Minimal age of 18 years.
  3. Basic English skills if the nursery is to cater for non Thai children

Franchise Fee 400,000 Bath Includes:

Royalty Fees:

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